New Duck Pond and Barn

September 16, 2016

New Duck Pond and Barn at Country

Willows Inn!

We wanted to share our revitalized duck pond and new barn with you! This was an extensive renovation of our old goose pond area, and we added a new reclaimed wood barn that is just lovely! We are so excited with how the project turned out. We're sure you're going to love the new waterfall, walking path and sitting areas!

Duck Pond waterfallDuck Pond Waterfall


Click Here for Photo Gallery of the Duck Pond and Barn!

As many of you may recall, the old goose pond area had become quite inhospitable with overgrown blackberries and impassable weed thickets. We began our project in February, 2016, with a complete clearing of all underbrush, demolition of the old goose pen area, and complete drainage of the pond. Over the next several months we slowly created a new haven, for ducks and guests alike, with sitting areas, a wood chip walking path, beautiful waterfalls, aquatic plants, wildflowers, and fish. The new reclaimed wood barn and wildflower pasture adds to the incredible ambience of the area. The pond is now home to all sorts of wildlife including bluegill, large mouth bass, frogs, birds, ducks, and the most beautiful collection of damselflies and dragonflies you've ever seen!

We hope you love the new area as much as we do.

Click here or on the link above for more photos of our new duck pond and barn...and come see us soon at Country Willows Inn!


Our revitalized pond and new reclaimed wood barn

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